Bob started his music career whilst still at school playing in a 4 pc band. This didn’t last long and he went more into guitar sales in 1974 working at Johnson Soundaround London Road Sheffield selling a lot of Guitars Fender Gibson and a major HH Dealer selling over the years 100s of HH IC100 amps and combos and PA also sound system installations and repairs  at local venues such as  The Fiesta Club  and many workingmen’s clubs

Many local artists such as John Parr  Bitter suite, Dave Berry, Frank White, Mickys monkeys, CFS , New Jersey Turnpike Joe Cocker were all regular customers

After Johnsons, Bob went into the Wholesale business traveling the length and breadth of The UK selling Meinle  percussion Clarrisa guitars and Shadow pickups and string with the famous John E Dodds who has disappeared to who knows where.

Bob then first went to the NAMM Los Angeles show in 1982 and from there discovered that visiting Guitar shops from Chicago to Mexico pawn shops where in San Francisco a National tri-cone style 4 for $400 now sells for over £6000.00 At this point, Bob went into partnership with Graham Stuart and Eric Haydock from the Hollies with The Rhythm House Stockport this lasted a number of years with some very interesting customers

The Dallas and many shows organised by the 3 AMIGOS were a great source of used and new guitars and Bob continued importing many 1000s of guitars and selling to many shops in the UK and also buying a lot of Vox , Marshall amps and selling to famous artists and collectors throughout the world Tom Murphy & Edwin Wilson from the Gibson custom shop where regulars some became good friends to this day

Andys guitars on Denmark street London was a big customer and at 1 point we had a 50% share in the business Bob carried this on until the late 90s when the internet made a big downfall in the number of used guitars available

Nick a good friend at the time had been to visit Shohei Adachi San of Tokai Gakki and got the rights for UK distribution for Tokai guitars and when he realised it was too big for a 1 man band asked Bob to come in with him and for 18 months they had some great times in Frankfurt LA San Francisco Newport beach until Nick decided he wanted to go back to Spain into property development. The Tokai sales carried on with some great results  thanks to the help of Bootsy Music Ian and in house salesmen Bob Mike & Ady till 2019 and who knows what will happen in the future

The Guitar Lounge was established when Berrys Worksop closed in 2012 leaving a void for musicians having to travel to Sheffield or Doncaster for a set of strings. Doncaster had 7 Music shops  but now only 1 left a lot of shops are run by musicians which is great but a little business knowledge is also needed I am sure that is why The Guitar Lounge Retford is a thriving shop in a small market We will be hosting the first-ever Retford Guitar show on the 29th May 2022 and then annually and would love to see all our friends and customers there to see 100s of guitars with live entertainment  food and drinks call 07866 896929 for more information.